About The photographer

Hi there! I'm Sophia Hotzler, or Sophie, and I'm the person behind the camera here at Sophia Helen Photography. I’ve been photographing couples, seniors and weddings for the past eight years and hopefully many more years to come.

I’ve recently graduated with a BFA Studio Major, focusing in the Graphic Arts and Print & Paper making, at the University of Manitoba in Winnipeg, MB, Canada. Yep, I loved the cold of Minnesota so much that I decided to pursue my college education in what’s basically considered the north pole!

A little about me: I love cats! Don’t get me started, because I will end up showing you my entire camera roll of photos of my amazing cat Shyla, my mother’s cats, and various cat pictures I’ve found on the internet.I apologize in advance! Recently, I've found a love for anything printmaking and paper making. I love myself a good embossed print! I collect cameras. I currently own about twenty or so vintage cameras. I try to shoot with them at least once, just to see how they work.

But enough about me, I want to get to know you! I love capturing moments that will forever be remembered in a photograph. I love making people laugh and smile almost as much as I love capturing the moment.

Interested in setting up a shoot? Feel free to send a message through my contact form and I’ll respond as soon as possible. Can’t wait to work with you and come up with something great!